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We are a small woman-owned and operated law firm with one lawyer, one paralegal, and a small support staff, solely devoted to practicing family law. We are passionate and skilled in all areas of family law, including divorce, legal separation, parental responsibilities, parenting time, child custody, decision making, child support, spousal maintenance, modifying court orders, and enforcing court orders.


Temporary Orders can be ordered after a Temporary Orders Hearing (TOH), or after a stipulated agreement between the parties. The idea behind temporary orders is to govern the parties while the case is pending. The issues are routinely decision-making, parenting time, child support, maintenance, payment of debts, access to personal items, and exclusive use of the marital residence. Ms. Scurlock will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the TOH.


If the parties are unable to reach agreements on all, or part of the issues in their case, even after attending mediation, the Court will schedule the case for a Permanent Orders Hearing (POH). This hearing is the same as what people commonly refer to as a “trial,” and after all the evidence in the form of exhibits and witnesses is presented by both sides at the POH, the court will issue controlling Orders. Ms. Scurlock will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the POH.


Child and Family Investigators (CFI) and Parental Responsibility Evaluators (PRE)

A CFI and/or PRE are experts that are appointed in family law cases where custody is at issue to conduct interviews and evaluations of the parties and their children, and to make recommendations regarding the children’s best interests. Being prepared is key in this process, and Ms. Scurlock will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared.

Child Legal Representative (CLR)

A CLR is appointed to represent the best interests of the children in cases involving allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Ms. Scurlock will guide you as to whether a CLR is needed in your case.  


Appraisers may be appointed to access the monetary value of marital property. Ms. Scurlock will guide you as to whether an appraiser is needed in your case to value your home, property, or other items.


A realtor may be appointed to act as an agent for the sale and purchase of marital property, such as buildings and land. Ms. Scurlock will ensure this expert is prepared to testify in court if the need arises.

Financial Experts

A certified divorce financial analyst may be hired to help resolve complex financial issues that may arise. Ms. Scurlock will guide you as to whether this is necessary in your case.

Vocational Evaluator

An evaluator may be appointed to evaluate a party’s skills, potential, interests, abilities, and limitations in the workforce. Ms. Scurlock will guide you as to whether one should be appointed in your case.

Business Evaluator or Business Valuation Specialist

An expert may be appointed to analyze a business’s financial data, transaction terms, and other pertinent aspects to determine a company’s economic value. Ms. Scurlock will guide you as to whether this is applicable in your situation.

Scurlock Family Law LLC specializes in the following areas of family law:



Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (non-married parents with children)  

Child custody

Child support

Civil Protective Orders

Civil Unions 


Domestic violence 

Legal Separation

LGBTQ + Family Law Services

Military Divorce

Post-Decree Modifications

Property distribution 

Restrictions of Parenting Time 

Parenting Time Disputes

Substance abuse