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Adoption is the legal process where birth parents’ rights are terminated and permanently awarded to adoptive parents.

Child Support

A parent has a legal obligation to pay child support on behalf of a minor child if certain criteria are met under a Colorado statute.


Maintenance is guided by Colorado statute, and is the financial support provided by one spouse to the other.


The court or the parties will need to address the division of property, assets, and debt.


Solving your legal problems


Bronwyn Scurlock

Ms. Scurlock has an extensive and lengthy litigation background, including serving as a prosecutor, city attorney, and family law attorney. After nineteen (19) years in both government and private practice, she decided to embark upon the journey of opening her own private family law practice. She is relatable, dedicated and passionate about protecting families and children, and understands that each case is unique. She will work tirelessly to resolve your case, either inside or outside of the courtroom.


Jessica Sweeney

Ms. Sweeney has been a paralegal focusing on family law for ten (10) years. She is skilled in document management for complex family law litigation, including, but not limited to, organizing client financial information to aid in the preparation of sworn financial statements, and preparing exhibits for hearings. She is always striving for excellence and is currently pursuing her Licensed Legal Paraprofessionals (LLP) licensure, with the hopes of soon being able to provide limited legal services pursuant to Colorado law.

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We will listen and come to understand your unique situation, come up with an effective, efficient, and workable legal strategy, with the goal of moving your case forward, and advocating for you (and if applicable, your children) every step of the way.